Abstract Submission

Greetings! It is our proud privilege to announce the International Deaf Summit 2020 which will be held from 2nd to 5th January 2020 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, Goa, India. The Summit is combination of innovation & social impact designed to create a true global movement striving for excellence in the Deaf Community and this vision can be achieved with your partnership and expertise.

Jointly organised by Deaf Leaders Foundation (DLF), Deaf Can Foundation (DCF) and Inspiralive, in collaboration with Directorate of Film Festival, Govt. of India and initiative support of CBM, Bangalore, the Summit 2020 comprises of the following popular events:

  1. 6th India Deaf Expo
  2. 4th Deaf Festival
  3. 7th India International Deaf Film Festival (IIDFF)

During this 4-days conference will proudly host 1500 experts consisting of differently-abled research experts, Deaf educators, leaders, businessmen/women, parents, audiologists, psychologists and sign language linguists from all over the world and many parts of India.  These iconic enthusiasts are driven to collaborate with the finest technologies and strategies to take the deaf community par ahead with the global standard in all genres.

The summit will be inaugurated by Shri. Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister, Government of Goa and Shri.Vishwajit Rana, Health Minister, Goa will perform the prize distributions at the function.

We are now calling for the submission of abstracts/proposals, presentations and workshops for the summit:

Could you please circulate this e-mail as widely as possible among your networks, partners and to potential presenters/facilitators. We particularly welcome abstracts/proposals from people based on the following topic categories:

  • Impact of Technology and Social Media in Accessibility
  • Shaping the Future Education for the Deaf
  • Skill Development and Empowerment of Deaf Women
  • Successful Deaf Entrepreneurs and Role-Models
  • Human Rights & Deaf Community based Rehabilitation / Employment

 You can find guidelines on how to draft your summary on our website. It should be no more than 250 words and should include how you intend to make your presentation a dialogue rather than a lecture.

If you have any queries, please contact the following Session committee:

  • Ms. Rupamani Chhetri (For International Speakers) : +91 9870215845
  • Mr. Aniket Selganokar (For Indian Speakers) : +91 860099957

As a reputed professional in your field, you are welcome to attend our Conference and make it a successful one via the contribution of your valuable knowledge and active participation.

More information such as registration and accommodation are available on our website at

Looking forward to welcoming you.

Speakers living in India, please contact:

Aniket Selgaonkar
Mobile: 86000 99957

International Speakers, please contact:

Rupmani Chhetri
Mobile: 98702 15845